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DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves - The Kreative Life

For the longest I’ve had a blank wall in my front entryway. It’s been completely white with one tall bookshelf on display. The bookshelf stood about 6 feet tall and with my two overactive boys it was a source of anxiety for me because I was afraid that the bookshelf would tip over and fall on one of them because they’d always run by it.

Coping With The Holidays During Separation

Coping With The Holidays During Separation - The Kreative Life

This year I’ve been so excited about the holidays! I’m always excited about Thanksgiving because of the food, Christmas because of the gifts I get my babies, and the New Year because it means new beginnings. Well, this year is a little (ok, a lot) more special than the past few years. Since we’re a military family, I’ve learned a few things about coping with